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Maine DWP Update: Voluntary Water Conservation Measures

Maine Department of Health & Human Services sent this bulletin at 08/20/2020 01:45 PM EDT

Voluntary Water Conservation Measures

Much of Maine is currently experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions, as shown in the most recent United States Drought Monitor and NOAA Northeast River Forecast Center (NERFC) Precipitation Departures Maps. While we may luck out and experience significant rain soon, there’s a good chance that surface and groundwater resources won’t be recharged until at least mid to late September, when the annual fall rains typically arrive.

The Maine CDC Drinking Water Program (DWP) advises public water suppliers to begin communicating with customers regarding voluntary water conservation measures. This is particularly important in areas experiencing moderate to severe drought. These voluntary measures can be an effective means of addressing water quantity deficits until natural recharge occurs. The DWP offers the following ideas for voluntary water conservation measures:


Outside Water Use:

• Avoid watering lawns;
• Water garden plants only when necessary, either early in the day (before 9AM) or late
   in the evening (after 5PM) to avoid water loss by evaporation;
• Keep grass a bit longer than usual to promote soil moisture retention and help it
   develop a deeper root system;
• Avoid washing cars and other vehicles;
• Instead of using water to clean walkways, decks, or driveways, use a broom; and
• Cover swimming pools when they are not in use to prevent evaporation. 

Inside Water Use:

• Take shorter showers (approximately 5 minutes or less); avoid baths;
• Turn off water while brushing your teeth or shaving;
• Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes;
• Collect and reuse clean household water (e.g., water from cooking can be used to
   water plants); and
• Fix any leaks you may find around the house, including leaky toilets, which can use
   up to 200 gallons of water per day.


Consider reaching out to customers who use large quantities of water to see if they can modify operations to temporarily decrease their water use. And let your fire department know of any water shortages you experience, as they may be able to draw from alternate water sources if available for fire suppression and other needs.

The DWP would be pleased to review any voluntary water conservation messaging prior to its release. We ask that any public water suppliers requesting voluntary conservation measures from their customers please notify us and share a copy of the messaging with us. We will convey this information to the PUC so that if/when customers or the press reach out with questions we can support your efforts.

The Drinking Water Program’s Drought webpage has more information, resources, and up-to-date drought maps that may be useful during this time. For questions regarding droughts, or to report a water shortage, please contact your DWP Inspector or call the DWP at 207-287-2070.

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