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Since the Alfred Water District was formed in 2000 we have become committed to a quality product, exceptional service and incomparable customer care to keep our community happy. We never stop improving, and are continuing to improve our offerings based on how we can best serve the Alfred area.

the system that was originally built in 1911 has now been completely rebuilt. The following is a list of the improvements THAT HAVE BEEN DONE:


*replaceD cast iron mains that were in Jordan Spring Rd and Oak St


*replaced THE treatment plant that removes Iron and Manganese                                                                                         *drilled two new production wells replacing the old dug well THAT would go dry


*replaced cast iron mains In Saco Rd, part of Kennebunk Rd and parT of Biddeford Rd


*replace main in part of Depot St that would be run to new storage tank



*built new underground storage tank on Brackett Hill



*replaced cast iron mains in part of Kennebunk Rd and the main that ran to Alfred                    Elementary School and Sanford Road

*replaced cast iron main in Brackett Hill Rd

*private developer extended main down Waterboro Rd WHICH addED fire protection to an         area of town that had none



*replaced cast iron main in part of Kennebunk Rd


*a new housing development was built off of Kennebunk Rd adding more fire protection 


*REPLACED mains in part of Biddeford Rd and Depot St 

*replaced cast iron main in part of Kennebunk Rd


*replaced over a mile of main in Kennebunk Rd and Mouse Ln 

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