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     If you are contacted by us for a leak detection this means that our system has detected water running through your meter for at least a full 24-hour span of time.

    We would like you to be aware of this potential leak so that you can correct it in order to keep your usage down and in turn a lower water bill.

     In most cases this is a toilet that is continuously running but in some cases it is not. We have had spigots and/or sinks left on, irrigation system heads broken and leaking under ground or even pipes that have frozen and burst leading to a live leak inside or outside of the property.

     If you believe it could be a toilet- we recommend putting a few drops of food coloring into the tank of your toilet, allowing about 10-15 minutes of time to go by and if you see the dye in the toilet bowl than you know your toilet has a leak. If it is not that, you may want or need to reach out to a plumber to help you figure out the problem.

York County Assistance:​​

     If you are having a difficulty paying your bill please see these options.

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